Retail Application


Retail Application

Retail is about speed to market. Retail merchants are ever ready to push out products of the latest seasons and best value into the consumers’ market. Not only must the retailers offer good mix of promotion mechanics in the chain stores, it is also essential that they possess good retail systems to help manage inventory at the healthy level.

LS Retail has suite of retail solutions that are capable of managing from sales, stores’ promotion, customers’ loyalty programmes to back office item, inventory, merchandising and financial management ERP system.

Quick and Simple Staff Access

Users are able to access POS with a variety of methods, including cards, barcodes, tokens or fingerprints. LS One gives management full control of staff operations. For instance, management can centrally limit the access to some POS operations by requiring a special permission to run them. You can also arrange the settings so that only a manager has access to specific operations, like returns or voids, and assign different discounts to different staff members.

Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

LS One is a flexible and powerful POS system. Its easy-to-use graphical user interface can be customized to fit the needs of various retail business and each user. Users are able to personalize the navigation screen with a variety of smart menus and access all the functions in just a few clicks.

Retail Promotion Mechanics

The LS One POS offers endless possibilities to set up discounts and promotion prices. Create effortlessly a variety of offers, like 3 for 2, buy 1 get 1 free, but also happy hours, weekend specials or January sales.

All offers will be triggered automatically when the discounted items is sold, and the system will clearly display the type of offer in the receipt panel.

Multiple Payment Types

Increase your flexibility and satisfy your customers by accepting multiple types of payment. With LS One you can take cash, cards, foreign currency, gift cards, credit memos and loyalty points as methods of payment. Your customers can even choose to pay with a combination of these methods, and the system takes care of calculating the amount due.

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Customer Loyalty Programme

Create different loyalty schemes and reward your best customers with loyalty points. LS One makes it fast and easy to set up different degrees of loyalty. For example, you can create club cards on different levels, such as Gold, Silver or Bronze, and assign your customers different amount of points depending on their level in the loyalty program. Offer the possibility to use loyalty points as payment or to get discounts.

Success Story

We used to be unable to send out reports via email from our ERP system. With LS One, we have achieved this automation by a simple interface development between LS One and our email system.

– Udara Dharmawanse , Regional Head of IT, Gill Capital and H&M