In these fast-changing times, agility and efficiency are a must for businesses. is a platform with powerful features to help you manage your business and navigate a dynamic landscape, from project planning to customer relationship management, from sales to invoicing.

Cactoz and have formed a partnership to bring this versatile solution to you.

How does help you?

One single platform for your information gives you visibility into your business units, your teams, and your business processes.

  • Data silos reduce the accuracy of decision making when information is not shared across teams.
  • Communication silos can cause redundancy when different people or teams work on the same task.
  • Make remote working easy by having a central location for sharing data across teams and departments.

Project Management made easy

Communication across different teams is essential to a smooth project cycle, from kick-off to post-implementation tasks. Keep your teams in sync with each other with Boards shared across multiple teams allows visibility and clarity on task status.

Managing workloads

With, you can easily track task and resource allocation, allowing you to have a clear view of the spread of workload across your teams. Alerts and notifications ensure you are on track for all your milestones.


Simplify your workflow seamlessly connects with your existing tools and software. Automate your repetitive tasks to reduce human error and free up your team to do more with their time.